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Disclaimer: Ethereum Serax 1.1 is an innovative software solution designed to facilitate seamless communication between traders and brokers offering a wide range of trading services, such as cryptocurrencies, Forex, CFDs, stocks, and more. It is crucial to recognize that trading and investments inherently involve financial risks that may result in potential losses. Therefore, it is essential to avoid investing funds that exceed your financial capacity. We strongly emphasize the importance of conducting thorough research and carefully evaluating the associated risks before making any investment decisions, as well as practicing responsible financial planning.

Please be aware that our software employs a randomized selection process based on our partnerships. It is your responsibility to diligently assess and investigate the assigned broker, ensuring they comply with relevant standards and regulations. We highly recommend conducting a comprehensive due diligence procedure and extensively researching the broker allocated to you to determine their suitability for your trading needs.

What Is The Ethereum Serax 1.1?

The Immediate Definity Ai is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform, which offers a manual trading option as well. The system has proven results, with unmatched accuracy rate, and record-breaking success rate. 

You do not need to have previous experience, be a seasoned trader, or have any knowledge of the cryptocurrency market to trade with the Ethereum Serax 1.1. It is made specifically to suit everyone.

If you want to be a part of the thriving online traders’ community, don’t miss this opportunity to embrace the potential for growth and personal development. The cryptocurrency trading market is ever-growing, so it is never too early or too late to start. 
The Ethereum Serax 1.1 is all-inclusive, providing you with all the tools you need to succeed. Designed with new, inexperienced traders in mind, it has a convenient interface, straightforward settings, easy to navigate control panel, many features and customization options.


How The Ethereum Serax 1.1 Works

The Easy Three-Step Process


Short and simple, the registration form is all you need to join the Ethereum Serax 1.1. There are only a few basic details that you need to provide. Once the form is submitted, the verification process is very quick, and you will automatically be transferred to the trading platform. The system is completely free of charge and does not require download or installation.


Now that your account is set up, it needs funding so that you can start live trading. The deposit you make goes directly into your own personal account and that money will fund your first trades. After you complete setting up the system and experience the demo trading, it is time to move on to live trades. Funds you deposit and money you make are fully withdrawable.


Whether you choose the manual or automated option, the Ethereum Serax 1.1 is designed to optimize trading effectiveness. By scanning the markets and providing valuable trading signals, each potential trade presents an opportunity for success. Take control of your trades with the manual option, or allow the system to manage them based on your preferred settings. Either way, you are on the right path to getting started.

Make it work for you! Join the Ethereum Serax 1.1 today, it is FREE – no fees, no dues, no charges.

Free Ethereum Serax 1.1 Registration

The Ethereum Serax 7.0 – Features And Advantages

The Ethereum Serax 7.0 is the leading automated cryptocurrency system for a good reason. It combines state-of-the-art features with up-to-date security. It offers unmatched advantages such as the highest accuracy, fastest analysis of data and execution trades, and best success rate on the market. With a user-friendly interface, easy to navigate and operate, no wonder the Ethereum Serax 7.0 stands out. 


Offered to you at no cost, all the systems’ features and modes are available. There are never membership dues to pay, registration fees, or commissions. When you become a member of Ethereum Serax 7.0, you’ll gain immediate access to the market’s premier crypto trading tool – a remarkably user-friendly and highly effective solution. You can switch between manual and auto trading, change and personalize the system’s trading rules settings, make quick investments and quick withdrawals, and enjoy an overall smooth operation.

For assistance, customer support is available for all users – whether you need additional information before you join or you want professional advice on settings and trading – customer representatives are working around the clock to provide answers on any subject and resolve any issues.

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Is The Ethereum Serax 7.0 Right For You?

The Ethereum Serax 7.0 is made to suit everyone. In fact, it was originally designed and developed with new traders in mind. Not only is it made simple, but it is also fully adjustable so you can set every trading rule according to your preferred risk level and personal preferences. 

Trading rules are pre-set by default, allowing you to make necessary adjustments based on your specific requirements. Whether you’re new to the world of cryptocurrency and online trading or an experienced trader, you can engage in this platform with the potential for notable achievements.

The automated trading mode is recommended to both new and practiced traders, as the settings can be adjusted according to the level of experience. The manual mode is more suitable for seasoned traders and allows full manual control over each step of the trading activities. The two modes have the same features and options, and the success rate is high in both.

The Ethereum Serax 7.0 automated trading mode has another main advantage – by being fully automated it is free of human emotions. This reflects mainly on the time it takes to make the decision to enter a trade. Even if it is a matter of split seconds, having any hesitation or delays in executing a trade means that the rate might have changed, which in turn affects the outcoming of the trade.

Advanced technology and sophisticated algorithms give the Ethereum Serax 7.0 its unequaled accuracy rate and speed advantage. It operates based on market statistics and user settings to deliver a highly effective crypto trading mechanism.

Ethereum Serax 1.1

The Ethereum Serax 7.0 – Review

In this Ethereum Serax 1.1 review, you will be able to get a more in-depth understanding of the Ethereum Serax 7.0, its features, the way it operates, and what made it so widely accepted and popular by so many people – new users, longtime members, and experts alike.

The Ethereum Serax Ai trading software is an online automated system that allows its users to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies and fiat money, in a safe and secure way, with easy setup and hassle-free transactions. As Bitcoins trading became more popular, so did the need to grow for a trading system that fits everyone. With the Ethereum Serax 7.0, crypto trading becomes as simple as can be, eliminating the need for experience and vast knowledge. The Ethereum Serax Ai is a sophisticated Bitcoin and crypto trading software that utilizes advanced artificial intelligence technology to assist you in your trading endeavors. 

To start trading with the Ethereum Serax 7.0, there is a very short process to follow:

Sign up using the registration form on this official Ethereum Serax Ai site. Only basic information is required, including your full name, phone number, email address and password. You can choose your own password or use the system password generator. If you choose your own password – make sure it is a strong one that combines letters, numbers and even special characters.  Remember to keep your password somewhere safe so that you will be able to sign in to the platform in the future.

At this point, you have a Ethereum Serax Ai account. You can navigate through the system to check out the different features and options. Before you can start trading, you will need to deposit money so that you could fund the trades. The deposit is not a payment, it serves as your funding capital, same as depositing money into a bank account. The deposit can be wired or charged to a credit or debit card, Neteller, Bitcoin account, and other means of payment that are acceptable.

Before you execute your first trade, you need to choose your preferred trading method – manual or automated. You can always switch between them, so you are never limited to one.  The Ethereum Serax Ai has many options that you can set so that everything will be adjusted as much as possible, to match your knowledge level, experience, abilities and preferences.  Professional assistance is available if you need it, at no cost.

Now you can start trading! However, before you move to live trading, the Ethereum Serax Ai offers a demo trading feature to test your settings, make adjustments and get familiar with the system. If you trade using the automated feature, the Ethereum Serax Ai System software will scan the market, find trading opportunities that match your settings, enter and exit trades. Any potential profits will be added to your account to be used for additional trades or to be withdrawn.

That is it. Keep in mind that settings can always be changed and adjusted, trading amounts and other configurations are almost endless, and profits can be limitless according to the amounts traded and market conditions. One should keep in mind that cryptocurrencies are volatile, reflecting market trends, so due diligence should be conducted before making investments.

Whenever you are in need of technical support or customer care, if you have any questions or need professional assistance, customer support is available via email, phone or by submitting the contact form on this Ethereum Serax Ai System official site.

If this Ethereum Serax Ai System review left you still with some questions, please review the Frequently Asked Questions section below for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the Ethereum Serax 1.1 cost?

You do not need to pay anything at all! The Ethereum Serax 1.1 trading software is free. In order to sign up and use the system, all you need to do is fill and submit the short registration form. Joining is free. The system is available online and does not require download and installation, there is no cost to it and no charges involved. There are no membership dues, no usage fees, no commissions to be paid. Usage is unlimited. 
Keep in mind though, that in order to start live trading you need to have an initial capital to trade with. Therefore, you will need to deposit a minimum of $250 into your account to be able to trade. Any amount you deposit and any potential profit you make is shown in full in your account, are yours to trade with or withdraw, and are not used for or by the Ethereum Serax 7.0.

What are the fees and charges of the Ethereum Serax 1.1?

There are no charges associated with the Ethereum Serax 1.1. Registration is free, there is no need for download and installation so you do not need to buy the system or pay for membership. Support is free and unlimited, and whether you deposit, trade, or withdraw – the funds, including all potential returns, are all yours. If you make a deposit from your bank account, once you make a profit and request a withdrawal, the money will be deposited back to your bank account as well.  The same is true for any other type of payment.

Which coins can I trade with the Ethereum Serax 7.0?

You can trade many coins with the system Ethereum Serax 7.0: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Libra (LIBRA), Monero (XMR), Tether (USDT) and more. The leading crypto coins, as well as fiat money, can be traded using this advanced trading system.

How long will I have to work with the Ethereum Serax 7.0 each day?

The time you need to invest working with the Ethereum Serax 7.0 depends on the trading mode you choose. If you are an experienced trader and prefer the manual mode, then you can trade with the system whenever and for however long you choose, spending as much time a day as you wish. 
If you trade using the automated trading mode – after the initial rules are set, you will only need a few minutes per day to review and make adjustments. Based on artificial intelligence, the system will do the rest for you.

How much can I trade with the Ethereum Serax 400?

There are no restrictions on the amount you can invest, the number of trades you can execute, or the potential gains you can achieve from effective trades with the Ethereum Serax 400. You do not have to trade manually to be in full control, as you can set the amounts, risk level, number of trades, times, and other configurations according to your preferences. Because the profit potential depends on market conditions and system settings, it is basically limitless. However, we do recommend that you start with small investment amounts and conservative settings until you are more familiar with the system, its options and the market.

Is Bitcoin online trading right for me?

With the Ethereum Serax 1.1, you are not limited to trade Bitcoins only. Many Bitcoin Traders keep a diversified portfolio and add more than just one or two coins. Which coins to choose and whether you should go into online trading – You are the only one who can answer that question. So when you come to decide whether or not you would like to invest in crypto trading, there are a few things to consider:
It does not matter if you have any previous experience. The Ethereum Serax 7.0 makes crypto trading accessible to anyone, and equally efficient with the automated trading option.
The Ethereum Serax 1.1 allows you to trade more than just Bitcoin. It supports trading of several different cryptocurrencies as well as fiat money.
Since it was first introduced, Bitcoin has gained substantial value and many other successful cryptocurrencies have joined the market since.
Cryptocurrencies are being accepted by more and more businesses and firms as a method of payment.
Cryptocurrencies are secure, private, anonymous, and safe.
Cryptocurrencies are not controlled or managed by 3rd parties. 

Ethereum Serax 400 Highlights

🤖 Robot Name:Ethereum Serax 400
📈 Robot Type:Crypto Trading Bot
💸 Minimum Deposit:$250
🚀 Claimed Win Rate:99,4%
💰 Trading Fees:No
🖥️ Free Demo Account:Yes
📱 Mobile App:Yes
🎧 Customer Support:Yes (via email)
🌐 Countries:All (except for the USA)

Ethereum Serax 400 Overview 

Ethereum Serax 400
Ethereum Serax 400

The Ethereum Serax 400 is an automated cryptocurrency trading platform, which offers a manual trading option as well.

Price: 250

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, OSX, macOS, iOS, Android 7.1.2, Android 8.1, Android 9.0, Android 10.0, Android 11.0, Android 12.0, Android 13.0

Application Category: FinanceApplication

Editor's Rating:


  • Multiple features;
  • Safety, and security;
  • Proven results;
  • Comprehensive support.


  • Requieres a minimum deposit.